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Monday, July 04, 2005

Bush Invades Morgantown, WV

Posted by Frankie at 7/04/2005 05:08:00 PM

As usual, Bush draped himslef behind the Red White and Blue... Nice dress...Bush salutes a crown of an estimated 6,000 in front of historic Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV July 4th, 2005. The "public" speech was restricted to a very special pre-screened "ticket only" audience.

Thanks to
WV Democrat over at Daily Kos, I only wish I was there too... As it does not get anymore patriotic than this. As one person commented who watched the event live on TV,
"Boy this is the most normal looking bunch of Americans I've seen in a long time. The scary looking ones made it on TV with Bush..."

During the speech, Bush confirmed everyone’s worst fears when he stated that we will be in Iraq,

"until the fight is won."

So I take it we are never leaving, hence the building of permanent military basis.

It's also noteworthy that MSNBC "reporter" Amy Robach stated,

"There were a couple of protesters we heard with a few signs, but for the most part, looks like a very patriotic crowd there."
Yeah right, because there were long lines of eligible Republicans and Bushies up at the Army and other Armed Forces recruiting offices up on Riddle Ave. after Bush's speech.

WV Democrat's full post. Thanks again!

Our peaceful, lovely university town suffered the indignity of a Presidential Visit this morning. What did America's Best Small City do to deserve such a thing?

We sang "America the Beautiful" & "This Land is Your Land," and we chanted such inflammatory rhetoric as "No More Lies" and "This is What Democracy Looks Like."

No real crowd count done, but best estimates are a couple hundred, which is as good or better than what usually turn out for the parade & fireworks. Nearly all the college students are gone, and many of the "townies" are out of town for the holiday.

It was a peaceful protest, even when the Chosen Ones came out of the Protected Zone & started heckling us. It never escalated beyond a little yelling back & forth.

I understand some Talking Head on MSNBC questioned the patriotism of the protestors. Many of us were decked out in red, white, & blue, many flag design t-shirts were seen. Many thanks to those of you who have already defended us. Keep those emails flowing - those idiots need to be reminded what America is supposed to be!

Some woman in her late 50's came over to my EIGHTY year old mother to yell about her sign.

This woman yelled at Mom that she was a lifelong resident of Morgantown, and he was too welcome! News Flash, Sweetie - my mother graduated from Morgantown High School before you were born!

It was a great morning, and I'm glad I gave up sleeping in on my last day of vacation to participate. DEMOCRACY RULES!

Update: More Pictures thanks to Dust!

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What beautiful pictures of patriots celebrating the 4th of July as it's meant to be celebrated!! Against the status quo - against the establishement! ohh, ok ..wrong era .. still - great pics!
Posted by Anonymous Kitt on 10:56 PM  
Thanks for the pics. I got a nice chuckle -- especially at the "f**king for virginity" -- total class!!

FYI: I know you libs love harping on this "ticket-only" style of event. Are you really that lazy that you can't call ahead to get your name on the list?

Do you protest football and baseball games when they don't let you in because you don't have a ticket? I know Democrats love handouts and hate work, but come on man, the ticket was free!
Posted by Blogger WV Law Dog on 12:06 AM  
spoken like a true "christian" "dog"
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 12:52 AM  
Loved your piece: Bush Invades Morgantown, WV--along with the poignant pictures of folks in your community who are standing together against this regime! I'm impressed!

Since the news media doesn't cover events such as this--posting them on a blog and sending them around the world is a wonderful idea.

Standing with you, mindinghope
Posted by Blogger mindinghope on 2:08 AM  
I knew it was only a matter of time before Jee-dub got around to browsing (cuz he doesn't read) his back issues of playboy and decided to crash the #1 Party school. He was probably looking to score some booger sugar or something. I wonder if he hit up the Sig Chi house?
Oh and lawdog, what a stupid name...
Posted by Blogger smtfsc on 2:06 PM  
Yawn, someone should explain patiently to the gop fool that people who have had tickets have been kicked out and even arrested for having anti-Bush bumper stickers on their cars. I know that thinking is hard for a wingnut but you should know the facts before you display your stupidity. And by the way, you are not a class act and have probably never worked a day in your life.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:45 PM  
I didn't realize you guys were afraid of "suffering" the consequences of your actions.

If Bush is as bad as you apparently believe, you should be lining up to get inside his events to protest. You're bigger pussies than I thought.

You're also an embarrassment to the liberal activists of the past who actually suffered beatings and jail to make their point. As it is, you're just a bunch of warmed over leftovers of a bygone era. Enjoy never winning another national election again ever, lol.
Posted by Blogger WV Law Dog on 8:19 PM  
Who is the real "pussie"?

The fat republican male who supports the war but will not enlist?

Or the people who actually take action for what they believe in?

And you idiot, it is a ticketed only event for very “special” people:
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 9:22 PM  
Nice photos. I heard Bush's scripted speech with its scripted applause. Now I've seen through your photos what polls show a majority of Americans believe.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 9:53 PM  
WV Law Dog, you sound like all the wee little Repubs here in Florida, all lined up and spouting nonsensical rhetoric. You simply are afraid to think, afraid to go to Iraq yourself, just afraid....poor guys.

Real thinking Republicans know how to argue sensibly. You sound like a Limbaughian Republican to me. Calling names, making fun. You probably think torture is a fraternity prank, just like Rush does.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:24 PM  
I'm not a Democrat or a liberal. I am a conversative Republican and I am not alone who know that this war is based on fraud and want our soldiers home now. That is the true patriotic way to support the troops. What true patriotic American would want their soldiers in a war that has nothing whatsoever to do with the US and our security? None that is honest and those who claim to support this war have another agenda and it seems that is their loyality to the party BEFORE loyality to this country.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:33 AM  
sorry make that conservative Republican.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 1:45 AM  
well, i'm a liberal minded canadian who thinks that your squabling over tickets is inane.

controlled event?

how about bush's agenda for creating new nuclear power in the u.s., proposed at a nuclear plant in virginia to great adulation...
are there any other appropriate contexts for this announcement?

guess what, he's also going to put money into coal, because its a good area to spend tax-payers money on. do you agree?

i feel this is archaic. most of the world has moved past the 18th century.

let's get a little imaginative shall we. where else can we find energy?

not in bush, he's about as flat as the prairies!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:19 AM  
Hey Law Dog can you read or are you just another blind and deceived Rethug. People not loyal to Bush can't get into these events. Your Fuehrer doesn't like his events muddled with people who actually disagree with him.

People have been arrested and forcibly removed from the Fuehrer's rallies for even hinting at opposing him.

These protestor were kept far away from der Fuehrer. The man would crap his pants if the protests got any where near him. You see in der Fuehrer's America opposition to his policies is just unacceptable and those people have to be kept far, far away lest it tarnish his image as a strong leader.

The Fuehrer's cronies can pull the wool over his Kool-aid drinking supporters eyes, as has apparently have done with you, by creating the illusion on TV that he is enjoying massive popular support. People like you just lap it up.

But I suppose your idea of freedom and democracy is that it is reserved only for people who think exactly like you.

You sir are a coward and a phoney patriot.

But that's OK, you're allowed to be an ignorant coward in this country, as long as you support der Fuehrer.
Posted by Anonymous Die Hard Lib on 7:14 AM  
You guys are too much. I've never witnessed so much self-righteousness and hate, not to mention illogic. I've yet to read anything on this blog that isn't a personal attack on either the President or his supporters.

We live in a democratic republic, so you have the right to believe what you want and say what you want (thank God). But you will not advance your politics (assuming your cause goes beyond just hating Republicans) by spouting slogans and insulting the memory of World War II & the Holocaust in some ridiculous analogy.

I encourage all of you lefties to keep blogging though. The more you talk, the more voters we gain.
Posted by Blogger WV Law Dog on 1:15 PM  
Grow up you little gop whiner and enlist. And stop whining about people getting personal. You started it with your rudeness and then you whine about the mean old liberals. You really can't take it, can you, whineboy.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:54 PM  
The fact that anyone can like this man and support his actions, scares the crap out of me. There must be only one've lost all ability to use your brain. Get a reality check Lawdog.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:11 PM  
"whineboy" ... "you started it" ...

I'm sorry, I thought this was an adult discussion, but I should've realized my mistake earlier.

As for "Anonymous" #2, I thought liberals were supposed to be open-minded and tolerant of other's beliefs and values. (Actually I know better on that one too).

Soon GW Bush will deposit modern liberalism on the trashheap of history, where it should have been placed a long time ago.
Posted by Blogger WV Law Dog on 1:02 PM  
"I'm sorry, I thought this was an adult discussion, but I should've realized my mistake earlier." WV Law Dog

Coming from a guy who has “dog” in his name… says it’s an “adult” conversation… and was first to label an entire group of American people as "pussies", oh the hypocrisy, but you are use to it I am sure.

Why don’t you just stay up there in Pittsburgh?
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 1:29 PM  
Hi, writing from Charleston, WV here, and just discovered this site. I removed myself to the beaches of Nag's Head to avoid the GW invasion of our beach 07/04 (at least they used to tell the football recruits Morgantown had a beach). Have sent the link to many here in WV and beyond. Was most heartening to see West Virginians speaking out for the truth, a form of redemption of our red state status.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 8:22 PM  
Thanks, the turnout on the 4th was astounding. Also considering it was a holiday, there was no parking (many stories of people getting towed) and the classic Bush ticket only hand picked guest only event. Sad not many pro Bushies went up to the recruiting office after the speech…
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 8:35 PM  
AWESOME! Go Mountaineers!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:18 PM  



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