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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Posted by Frankie at 5/01/2005 05:28:00 PM

Republicans Hate - Proving once again that Republicans hate what the United States of America is and stands for. This sites purpose it to give examples of how Republicans want to change our great country by any means possible and will. These changes are to their liking, and their liking only. Of course not all Republicans or Conservatives hate America, only Neocons deal in absolutes. “Republicans” in the site title is to be interpreted plural for those on the right who feel that they can do no wrong and only righteousness will result in their actions. This includes casting aside the Constitution of the United States for what the great country is built upon. In addition to, the practice of a total disregard to pragmatism, humanism, utilitarianism or any philosophy for the improvement of society as a whole and not just a few. Many people on the right do not deny that why want to change this country: examples are: fascist religious beliefs, elimination of free public education, removal of science (evolution), abolition of all social programs, civil rights bases on supernatural beliefs, etc. This blog is a collection of news stories and other events in which one can truly see how these people cannot stand our country and want to change it for their own specific ideals only.

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