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Friday, August 05, 2005

Republicans Concerned John Roberts Doesn't Hate Gays Enough

Posted by Frankie at 8/05/2005 08:23:00 AM

It has already been reported that SCOTUS nominee John Roberts had done some pro bono work for a gay rights. The LA Times reported about Roberts involvement in a 1996 case in which is a major landmark case for gay rights. However, this has Republicans and "christians" on the right upset and up in arms. The NY Times is all over it:
The White House immediately sought to reassure Judge Roberts's conservative backers, telephoning prominent leaders, including Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, but it appeared that not all of them had been convinced.
Even the drug addicted pigman "weighed" in:
"Even so, reports of his involvement echoed on conservative talk shows Thursday, generating outrage and disbelief. "There's no question this is going to upset people on the right," Rush Limbaugh told his radio listeners. "There's no question the people on the right are going to say: 'Wait a minute. Wait a minute! The guy is doing pro bono work and helping gay activists?' "

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Oh bullshit you idiot. What did he do, that is the point. Good for him, he was doing his job for his firm. But typical of left wing idiots you have to call Rush L. a name ..very bad web site ..such lack of facts is appalling. Do us al a favor and shut it down.
Posted by Blogger Conan on 1:48 PM  
Find something on here that is not a "fact." ???

And go ahead with your library desk job where you obviously site around listening to chickenhawk right wing radio all day, listen to a man who calls civil affairs officers in the military "staff pukes." A man who didn’t fight in Vietnam because a pimple on his ass. All while being paid by the Florida tax payers.

I am sure the Republican Florida tax payers would love to know how you waste their money online while at your job.
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 1:59 PM  
and the drug abuse too, and being married 3 times, and being fat, and a racist... did I forget anything?
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 2:14 PM  
The first sign that you lost the argument is when you speech is abusive. I retract all my smart ass statements I made Frankie, but still stand on the rule that all you have are broad statements and hate speech here. You would be better off doing research with some depth in your posts or use others to bolster your arguement. Your juvenile sarcasm against me is so in keeping with the "liberals hate any one who disagrees with them" that you might as well throw in the towel. I could care less what you think I do or listen to.
Oh yeah I would not post your real picture here since there are real kooks out there who take this bitching back and forth like we did too serious.
PS I read a ton of books and was oveer 45 before I changed my views from middle left to more conservative. I suggest you read more, NOT just the liberal stuff.
Best wishes..
Posted by Blogger Conan on 8:18 PM  
Thanks for the info, though I can take care of myself pretty well. Where is not one thing where I said "I hate" or "Liberals hate"...etc anywhere. This site is about Republican action that hate America, and I post it. I am sorry but being upset that a judge may be not conservative enough because of his pro bono work IS HATING AMERICA and what this country stands for. It's that simple. I respect everyone’s right to be what they are. But don't be hypocritical about it. When a liberal goes bad or is out of line in my point of view, I call them out on it. Republicans seemed to be married to the party no matter what, being Republican is standing for only calling yourself a Republican and reciting talking points given. There is no debate, as liberals have. That’s half our problem IMO, we argue with each other instead of going rank in file.
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 10:51 PM  
OK I will look for a 'balanced" view then and believe it when I see you rip a liberal. Watch this..god damn idiot Bush and the reublicans who passed the useless energy they think we are stupid? It solves nothing!
None the less he/teh party is 100% right about the GWOT. See ya
Oh yeah about the picture..not a fist fight take care of your self but jobs might look on this ah poorly.
Posted by Blogger Conan on 10:58 AM  
I see you have your favorite links on the left side. Read what the Right Wing Nut House has to say about several of them, then start wondering at what you link to:
Hecategorize the sites using as a benchmark how far the blog deviates from the real world and descends into conspiratorial fantasy..the more forcefully the denizens of these sites bragged about being a member of the “Reality Based Community” the farther they actually were from existing on the same plane of the universe as the rest of us.
A “Reality Quotient” (RQ) will be assigned each site in order to rank their moonbattiness. A rank of “5” indicates a firm foothold on reality. A rank of “1” indicates a trip back to planet earth is in order.

Even just typing the name makes me feel unclean. John Aravosis of Americablog is a walking argument for internet regulation (too bad I adamantly oppose it). The nauseating way in which he “outed” Jeff Gannon by publishing nude pictures of the quasi-journalist along with the suggestion that Gannon may have been a gay escort at one time, sickened decent people everywhere. The fact that he was cheered on by other lefty bloggers tells you all you need to know about the hypocrisy that drips from the snarling lips of the radical lefties.

The “conspiracy” pushed by Aravosis had Gannon sleeping with every male in the White House including the President. The fact that even the White House press corps let out a collective yawn at the whole affair proves that not only was there nothing to the story, but that some harmless twit of a conservative writer who wanted to hide his identity was unceremoniously outed by people with no integrity and no honor.

RQ: 1.4


Markos Moulitsas Zúniga AKA Kos, AKA “Screw ‘em” Kos is possibly the worst thing to happen to the Democratic party since George McGovern. His ability to raise money from his legions of conspiracy mongering, paranoid readers makes him absolutely indispensible to the party’s infrastructure. Just recently, he almost singlehandedly took an unkown attorney and Iraqi War vet Paul “Two-faced” Hackett and, by raising nearly a half a million dollars in a fortnight, put him within spitting distance of winning the special election in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District.

What makes Kos such a ball and chain for the Democratic party is that despite his ability to raise money, the fantastical conspiracies given prominence on his site regarding Bush, the war, elections, Gannon/Guckert, Rove (again and again), Cheney, Haliburton, and on and on – give the party a patina of psychosis that leaves conservatives laughing and rational Democrats scratching their heads. His “0 for 16” record when supporting a Democratic candidate also prove he’s a loser. If he couldn’t raise money, he’d be out of business since a political consultant is only as good as his won-loss record. And without the conspiritorial nature of his site, he’d lose half of his considerable readership. They’d simply pack up and go someplace that will feed their constant paranoia that the world is against them.

RQ: 0.4


I actually have a soft spot in my heart for the inmates at the Democratic Underground. Let’s face it; the internet just wouldn’t be the same without them. It’s become a matter of course for me that whenever I’ve got writer’s block, I visit the DU and, within 5 minutes, find something so outrageous, so far beyond the pale, that my dilemma regarding what to write about disappears in a flash. I wear their disapprobation like a badge of honor.

Perhaps one illustration of their complete disconnect from reality is in order. Following the tsunami tragedy last December, a comment thread at the site started to speculate that, in fact, secret US government tests in the ocean caused the giant waves. The comments got loonier and loonier as the DU’ers speculated that the earth itself was falling apart:

Since we know that the atmosphere has become contaminated by all the atomic testing, space stuff, electronic stuff, earth pollutants, etc., is it logical to wonder if: Perhaps the “bones” of our earth where this earthquake spawned have also been affected?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

For DU’ers, every election is stolen, every setback by Democrats is the result of a plot by Karl Rove, and everything else is Haliburton’s fault. In short, when looking for sanity at the Democratic Underground, it’s best to remember the sign that Dante Alighieri saw at the gates of hell in his poem “The Divine Comedy:

“All hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

Posted by Blogger Conan on 7:01 PM  
Nice cut and paste, do you right click or CTRL C, CTRL V ???

Wow, that’s the first time I heard than Gannon / Guckert was "sleeping" with Bush, now McClellan or Rove maybe. Leave it to a Republican to be fascinated with someone else’s sex life though…

Only a Republican would criticize somebody for raising grassroots money instead of large corporate donations
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 2:08 AM  
You dumb shit I said where my source was from. Keep reading your left wing loony stuff and learn nothing. You are a hopeless boob.
Posted by Blogger Conan on 6:57 PM  



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