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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Republican Periodic Table Of The Elements

Posted by Frankie at 8/04/2005 01:11:00 PM

I thought this was funny. Here is the Republican "intelligent design" version of the Periodic Table of Elements from Cobb County, GA. Cobb County was the uninstelligent school district which placed "warning" stickers on Biology text books so that students were reminded that the fact of evolution was a "theory."

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Only 1/3 of Americans take evolution at face value, claiming it to be fact. The remaining 2/3 think it to be an evolving theory and equally as valid as creation. Last I checked we lived in a democracy where the ideas and views of such persons are respected. If a person wants to have their children taught in the schools that creation is how the world was formed, let them. It is their right, disagree with the idea or not.
Posted by Blogger Matty N on 8:55 AM  
lol, and at one time, the majority of Americans believed slavery was right, the earth was flat, sun was the center of the universe, garbage turned into rats, lighting was made by Zeus… What the hell kind of point is that?

The majority of Fox News viewers 75% think we found WMDs in Iraq and they were linked to 9/11…

You say ID is a Theory. A theory is composed of known facts. What facts are in ID? NONE. You could explain why a triangles angles sums up to 180 degrees with ID…

I don’t know of any experiment where RNA has been made into DNA and I am not going to look for one. However, there have been experiments that show that RNA evolves in ways to more efficiently replicate itself, which is the basis and purpose of all life… to replicate DNA / RNA

ID is NOT a THEORY, a THEORY is based on FACTS, not the supernatural. There is a difference between science which has theories, and the supernatural
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 10:35 AM  
a) Slavery hurt individuals;
b) The earth not being flat can be proven by physically moving around the world, darwinian macroevolution nor ID can not be physically proven as it can not be seen.
c and d also disproved.
e) Iraq may be linked for all we know, we're laypeople not those with all the intelligence that the CIA has at its disposal. To be quite honest, I think all that information won't be 100% gotten out for years to come.
Posted by Blogger Matty N on 10:55 AM  
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Posted by Blogger Frankie on 11:18 AM  
Have not seen evolution??? Ever heard of polyploidy? We have fossil records, DNA, what more do you want?

Exactly, the earth is NOT FLAT, yet people said it was, and sited the bible as saying the earth was the center of the universe. Yet you use the same explanation for life... You’re thinking has no merits.
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 11:21 AM  
Note: I never mentioned the Bible; I never said I supported ID, I merely defended it from undue and in many cases, unnecessary criticism; I never denied microevolution; and yes we have not seen actual evolution take place.

We have fossil records that show a gradual progression from species X to species Y. That is evidence that different species existed before and any number of theories could describe how it happened. Flat out survival of the fittest is one of the many that could AND could be tested based on the evidence that exists today. Observable experimentation, not just evidence is what turns a theory into a law. This is but a theory because you can not prove fully that macroevolution exists without such a massive time-course study that a mere human alone could not survive it.

::rubs chin::

If I ever get a ton of money, I want to do an experiment like that. Buy the facilities and begin with very small organisms and give them a vast environment. Pay people to record and observe everything over the course of my and whomever follows me's lifetime...hmm.
Posted by Blogger Matty N on 1:12 PM  
What do you think "microevolution" is over 3.5 BILLLION years? Or do you think the earth is only 6000 years old?
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 1:25 PM  

No way to test that and find out :P
Posted by Blogger Matty N on 1:49 PM  
find what out? You do not agree that the earth is ~4.6 billion years old?
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 1:52 PM  
No, the microevolution = macroevolution concept.
Posted by Blogger Matty N on 3:45 PM  
OK, isn't macro bigger than micro...

So 3.5 billion years of "macroevolution"???
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 3:56 PM  
Gravity IS a theory, electromagnetism IS a theory, the cell IS a theory, the atom IS a theory, heliocentrism IS a theory.

And no, none scientific theory turns into law. They're different things.


"Last I checked we lived in a democracy where the ideas and views of such persons are respected. If a person wants to have their children taught in the schools that creation is... let them... it is their right"

So... do we have to teach according to what people want?
Let's see...many people believe in reptilians, let's teach that. Many people believe that the earth is hollow, with people living inside... let's teach that. How many people believe that we have crossed a "photonic belt" in 2012, entering into the fifth dimension? Let's teach that!
Posted by Blogger Cronopio on 11:34 AM  



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