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Monday, August 08, 2005

Republican White Supremacist Candidate Drops Out of N.C. Council Race

Posted by Frankie at 8/08/2005 05:16:00 PM

Republican Doug Hanks was forced to drop out of the Charlotte City council race last Friday after it was discovered that he was a member of a white supremicy website where he used the name "Snarkie". From his own personal website Patriotic, GOP party member Dough Hanks describes himself:

Mr. Hanks is a licensed general contractor, legally ordained minister, and the chief conservation officer of an experimental redwood reforestation project in the North Carolina mountains. He is presently an honorary co-chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council, and received an award for environmental protection achievement from the President of the United States. He is currently working on a series of pro-Second Amendment novels.
Hanks even had a personal campaign site for is city council race ( which has since been taken down. This is tkane from his "issues" on his campaign site:
There was a time when our politicians represented the people, and I would like to return those values to Charlotte. If the public votes on an issue and it comes before me, I will vote the way the majority of the people voted, their voice, even if I disagree. I will vote for your best interests, not those of a few businesses!
After being outed, Hanks admited to being a member of the white supremicy website but commented on his intentions for joining the racist website:

"I was asked to write a column here and there. But what I should have done when I began running for office was to separate the two."
Hanks has accumulataed over 4,000 posts on the message board on the hate website. Although his accounted and posts have been deleted, thanks to Google's cache feature, the hateful truth remains. Here are just some quotes from posts made by Republican Doug Hanks on the white supremicy website:
This Website and forum are run by members or sympathizers of Stormfront orginazation. Thats the KKK, People.
Did you southerners know, if it warent for a black man, you'd all be sweating your balls off in the summer? Yup, good o'l A.C. came from a black man.
Now I know what some of you are thinking, "By god ma, nigger jim got himself an education! Dont let him in the toolshed!" Rather than blaming Blacks and Asians and Jews for all your problems, why dont you go out there, get a job, pay for an education, and join the american civilization.
If we dropped the racial barriers, and simply accepted everyone as equal (and if they were below said equal status, helped them acheive it) we could breed until we were all one, nice, uniform color, and make all the white supremicists very happy in that everyone will look, act, think, and believe All the same things, and maybe, in the future, we can even get a timing system down, so we do it all at the same exact time. Wont that be a fun civilization.

If you want to give up your White skin by being a race traitor, that's your ignorance, not ours, but don't insult our intelligence by suggesting we join in your sick plan. It wouldn't be a fun civilization; it would be a dead one. Take your granola, your flowers, and go smoke crack with Sambo if you want, but don't expect us to defile our race.
I'm not superior because I'm White, but because I'm GERMAN. Now, all kidding aside, you cannot honestly tell me that the Black race is NOT inferior to all others. Color of skin has NOTHING to do with race. Why is it that you multiculturists never seem to learn this fact? Have you ever seen an albino Negro? They are just as stupid and ugly as any black, brown, or high yellow Negro out there. It is not the skin pigmentation; it is the genetics of the race itself.

You university-brainwashed (Jewwashed) people that come here and tell us how smart you all are, and how we are all a bunch of rednecks, need to look at whom you are dealing with. Many of us are college educated, and learned the real truths from day to day experiences. Why gosh darn it, a lot of us are even MENSA members or have equivalant IQs.
You are missing the point. MLK wanted a war; not because he loved all people and wanted to overthrow an "evil" suppressive government, but because he was a Communist and wanted the position of power he would be rewarded with if he could start a racial war and lead the Blacks to victory. He was a truly evil man, because his hatred was concealed by lies. We are open in our feelings. We tell people we don't like them and why. MLK lied to his own people to deceive them for personal gain. The powers that be saw through his lies and eliminated him the same way they eliminated JFK and RFK.

BTW, what does the 14 in your name mean? Do you know the significance of that number to White Nationalists?
... and his reply ...
14 stands for the 14 Words of David Lane. "We must secure the existance of our people, and a future for White children."

I'm glad you're stuck with it in your name now. Listen, don't come here telling us you don't like the way we use the word race. This is a forum for White people who believe that their RACE is in danger of being muddied by RACE traitors and RACE defilers. If you want to be multicultural, that's your ignorance, not mine.

I can trace my heritage back to 1235; there is no non-White blood in it at all. It won't go back to Africa, because we didn't come from there. Even if we did, we at least got past the Stone Age. Why is it that your people never evolved past Homo erectus? You have NOTHING in common with me; I don't see a monkey in the mirror.
And this is all taken from a few posts on a single thread on the website...

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