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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Condi Rice STILL On Vacation!

Posted by Frankie at 9/01/2005 04:23:00 PM

Four days after Katrina, six days after everyone knew it was going to happen. Secritary of State, Condoleeza Rice is still on vacation.

NY Post:
SIGHTINGS: September 1, 2005 -- SECRETARY of State Condoleeza Rice, here on three days' vacation to shop and see the U.S. Open, hitting some balls with retired champ Monica Seles at the Indoor Tennis Club at Grand Central
Matt "Egg Man" Drudge:
Eyewitness: Sec of State Condi Rice laughs it up at 'Spamalot' while Gulf Coast lays in tatters. Theater goers on New York' City's Great White Way were shocked to see the President's former National Security Advisor at the Monty Python farce last night -- as the rest of the cabinet responds to Hurricane Katrina...

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 4:46 PM  
There is freaking blog spam now...
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 8:53 PM  
Dear Frankie,
How are you doing today? Sorry about your spammer. Bummber.

About Condi, she is the Sec. of State. Her job has to do with foreign affairs. It would be like asking a domestic engineer to do the job of a systems analysis engineer!

Just because they appear to both be engineers, I can assure they do not do the same job.

Aside from that difference, I can understand your frustration. I have called around until a person in LA who's phone is working! lol.

They were not home, but I spoke with the brother. I want to offer a chess board. Why? It may seem strange, but how do you put a community back together? What about the High School? The Chess Club? The fooball, basketball, hockey, etc., team? How will the scouts see them if they are not playing?

I feel so badly for them. I really do not want to divide us during this time. We need to come together. Turn off the tube. These people are sick! All they want is ratings, while anarchy takes over. We cannot allow this.

The Military and the National Guard are down there, so that is good. Not as good as it could be, but the feds cannot do anything until the state asks for help. Weird, huh? Sad, but true.

Sorry I took up so much space! lol. I really hope you are doing well. Have a good day, keep up the .... work. (lol)
Posted by Blogger Rosemary on 9:18 PM  
I am doing alright, a little emotional seeing dead Americans outside the Superdome for three days. People, who could not evacuate, made it to the Superdome, only to die because of NO GOVERNMENT support.

About Condi, yes I know her job, it's just another example of how disassociated these people in power are with the average American. The fact that Orleans Parish went for 78% Kerry in 2004 too, Bush isn’t losing any votes over this, and that’s how I feel.

If this was Hilton Head Island, you would have every freaking available resource there before the winds even died down and the sun came out from the clouds.
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 11:11 PM  



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