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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Larry Northern: Republican Who Vandalized Crosses & Flags Of Dead Soldiers

Posted by Frankie at 8/16/2005 04:35:00 PM

Republican Larry Northern was arrested for vandalizing crosses and American flags that were placed to memorialize soldiers who have died in Iraq. Both anti-war and pro-war sides contributed to the "Western Arlington" memorial. Larry Northern drove over and destroyed the memorial with his pickup truck with an attached steel chain and pipe dragging behind. He vandalized over 500 crosses along with flags and flowers to honor those killed in Iraq. Northern is to be charged with Criminal Mischief later today.

Northern, 46 or 59, (depending on source) is owner of Northern Realtors of Waco, TX. Here is his business and contact information with address, phone, and email:
Northern, Realtors
Larry Northern
303 Crossroads West
Waco, Texas 76712
254-751-0449 fax
In 2001, Larry Northern was quoted about a county ordinance which actually LIMITS traffic around roads of Bush's ranch.
"There is a county ordinance that has recently been passed to keep traffic off the road near his ranch."
Evidently, Northern did not practice his own words by not driving on roads near the ranch.

Cindy Sheehan commented from Camp Casey on the events:
"What happened last night is very disturbing to all of us, and it really should be very disturbing to America. Because no matter what you think about the war, we should all honor the sacrifices of the ones who have fallen."

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Are you going to be fair and mention that a lot of Republicans have condemned this act?

Pretty shitty stunt posting his contact info. You wouldn't be suggesting criminal activity, would you?
Yeah, let's listen to the Republickscum troll lecture us on what's "shitty." Swift Boat Vets, anybody? Outing Valerie Plame? Lying to get us into a war? Too many examples to list, but when "a lot of" Republicksums condemn that last one--sure, I'll listen to you.

And once we got the retard's name, the rest is Googlable. Hey, remember how that anti-choice website run by the radical right-wing terrorist supporters would put the names and addresses and phone numbers of doctors online in the form of "wanted dead or alive" posters? Along with details about their children, including their routes to and from school?

Talk about shitty! And remember how angry the Republicksums got about THAT? Oh, wait, they didn't. Huh.

Kiss the tip of my dick, EMT907.
Posted by Anonymous Happenstance on 4:40 AM  
"criminal activity" ??? What are you even talking about, I posted the link to where the information was found. Try Googleing "Larry Northern"

What type of fascist right Gestapo wing country do you do you think this is? Or better yet, do you want?
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 10:43 AM  
The phone number you list for this asshole Larry Northern is incorrect. I called, then I too Googled him and found the listing you posted. I then did a Google phonebook search and found this. Hope it helps.

Larry Northern, (254) 848-9828, 204 Arrowhead Pt, Woodway, TX 76712
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 5:59 PM  



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