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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Anti Cindy Sheehan Crawford BBQ Cancled

Posted by Frankie at 8/10/2005 09:55:00 PM

Thanks to patrioticliberal over at Kos for this great story of lies and Cindy Sheehan hate.

A Republican radio market manager for Clear Channel in Waco/Temple/Killeenhost, Evan Armstrong decided to host an "anti-Sheehan" protest in Crawford, TX this weekend. Unfortunately for the this Sheehan hate monger, the rally was CANCLED due to "lack of local interest." Here is the official email about the cancellation: wrote - Please be advised that due to lack of local interest, the pro-troop rally tentatively scheduled by KWTX-AM, KLFX-FM for this coming Saturday will not be taking place. Please tune into KWTX-AM, KLFX-FM on Monday for comprehensive news coverage and commentary on developments related to the Iraq war protest organized by Mrs. Cindy Sheehan, scheduled to be held in Crawford this Saturday.
Evan replied when asked about the rally being "anti-Sheehan":
"Armstrong, Evan" wrote: In no way are making a PR event out of Cindy Sheehan's loss. This is a pro troops rally and we have had Cindy Sheehan on KWTX-AM last Monday to voice her cause. Thanks for your response. We welcome everyones opinion on this matter.
Although Armstrong stated the event has nothing to do with Sheehan, here is the original text about how the Anti-Sheehan/Pro-Bush Rally is billed:
KLFX/KWTX/Other Stations to Host Anti-Sheehan/Pro-Bush Rally

JUST CONFIRMED: KLFX ("KLFX 107.3 The Fox Rocks") and their group stations, KWTX 1230 AM (Waco) - 1-254-776-3900 (NOTE KWTX IS FOX NEWS RADIO, *NOT* THE TV CHANNEL, WHICH IS NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THEM), 102.5 FM and one more that is forgotten at this time, will be at the PRO-BUSH/ANTI-SHEEHAN rally. They are owned by Clear Channel, and a host named "JACK HAMMER" will be there.

The Anti-Sheehan BBQ will be in the lot NEXT TO THE Crawford Bank, free burgers, soft drinks ("Coca Cola"), and everything Saturday at noon. They are inviting soldiers from the Fort Hood area to come down and say that they would be ashamed of their mother if she did what Mrs. Sheehan is doing. Protest to KLFX! Their number is 1-254-699-5000, and YES, I'm keeping that number here. It's also publicly accessible here.
So the rally was anti-Sheehan before it was anti-Sheehan before it was pro-Bush, and oh yeah, before it was pro-troops...

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The left wing loonies hijacked here cause, such as it is...shame shame on every one. She had her say, met with the Prez once, thats it.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:29 PM  
Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace to herself and her son.
Anyone who went over there I would be proud to shake their hand and say thank-you.
I served and lost the use of my legs in the service, but I have 2 brothers over there now. Both waited to re-enlist until they knew that Kerry had lost the election.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:37 AM  



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