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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Republican Terrorist / Vigilante Eric Rudolph Sentenced For Two Life Terms

Posted by Frankie at 7/19/2005 12:22:00 AM

Republican and "Christian" Eric Rudolph was sentenced for the murder of police officer and maiming a nurse at an Alabama abortion clinic. Rudolph received two life sentences though he plea bargained to avoid the death penalty. When Rudolph was asked if he wanted to give a statement, he replied,
"What they did was participate in the murder of 50 children a week. Abortion is murder and because it is murder I believe deadly force is needed to stop it."
Emily Lyons, the nurse who was also injured in the terrorist bombing had undergone 21 surgeries and lost her left eye. She forcefully commented:
"When it was your turn to face death you weren't so brave again... You want to see a monster, all you have to do is look in the mirror."
Meanwhile, Pat Robertson claims that Christian terrorism, "just doesn't happen." On a July 14 edition of the 700 Club, "Christian" Roberston proclaimed:
Don't you feel it rather interesting that every time you have a story about terrorism, it is linked to Muslim extremists? You don't hear somebody, "Christian extremist killing film producers, Christian extremists blowing up trains." It just doesn't happen. But it's Muslim extremists and, ladies and gentlemen, Islam, at least at its core, teaches violence. It's there in the Quran in clear, bold statements. Well over 100 verses dealing with violence against infidels, and that is what they're taught. They're also taught to sacrifice themselves in jihad against infidels to gain paradise. It is part of the teaching of that faith. And I know people so reluctant to say, "Lets not identify those terrorists with these wonderful people." Well, yes, they may be wonderful people, but this is what that faith teaches, and those who believe it sincerely in their hearts are those that think Osama bin Laden is their great hero. And I think we need to recognize that. Political correctness says that you're not supposed to recognize this, but it just happens to be the truth. Every story, you see it over and over again, Muslim extremists blew up trains, Muslim extremists assassinated film producers. Muslim extremists blew up a crowded shopping center in Netanya [Israel]. Muslim extremists, it's always Muslims, and that's where it comes from, it's the breeding ground. And then it's radical clerics who incite this kind of violence, and it's time we recognize it and begin to deal with it.
"Christian" terrorist Rudolph has also been charged for 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombing, as well as a 1997 bombings of an abortion clinic and gay bar in Atlanta. He was living in the wilderness for five years where his skills gained in the U.S. Army aided him. He joined the military despite his well-established hatred for the U.S. government, Rudolph had hopes of becoming an army ranger. He learned a lot about making explosives and survival tactics, but was ultimately kicked out for insubordination and marijuana use. Rudolph practiced a form of Christianity which believes in Aryan superiority among other radical right-wing beliefs.

As Eric Rudolph stated in a letter released by his attorneys in April 2005:
"They say that the mechanism through which this will be achieved is the Republican patsy, and under the benevolent leadership of men like George W. Bush, the wholesale slaughter of children will be a thing of the past."
Also check out the video of Pat Roberston's comments at Media Matters.

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Pat Robertson supports terrorism. Nuke his fucking "church".
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