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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Operation Yellow Elephant Asks "Right-Wing" Blogger To Enlist

Posted by Frankie at 7/14/2005 02:38:00 PM

At first glace, one would think it would be a satire spoof website; however, the weblog Right-Wing Right Minded is pure GOP hypocrisy. Chris Greenfeather the author and founder of Right-Wing Right Minded has everything a cookie cutter rank-in-file Republican fanboy website would and should have. Greenfeather of course displays the waving US Flag with the 1954 version of The Pledge of Allegiance with the all important “Under God” revision.

So where does the hypocrisy start? This has to be one of the best cases for Phase 3 of Operation Yellow Elephant. Let's begin with Greenfeather signing each post with:

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing

Though evidently, being a member of the 101st Keyboard Warriors is enough to combat “evil”. The 25 year old GOPer even posts pictures of soldiers who were killed in “The War on Terror” who he calls “Hero[es]” yet cannot even fathom enlisting himself. He ends each post with:

These brave men and women have given their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

The site is decorated with all kinds of links to more, “I support the troops do you?” type websites that are known to exist.

During a post on 6/14/05 titled, “War On Terror: Not Good,” Greenfeather went on to rant about the dangers of North Korea and Iran on, “being the next targets in the War On Terror.” He also commented that,

“…I feel that within the next year to 18 months we should start pulling some of the troops out of Iraq. It's about time for them to start handling their own security. I'm not talking about just pulling up stakes and leaving them alone. They would be decimated within a year. But we can't hold their hands forever. After that we then need to turn our attention to N. Korea and Iran.These two madmen with nukes is a bad combination.

So I thought it would just be ingenious to inform Republican Greenfeather that he should actually ENLIST within the US military. I even posted a link to the Army “Enlisted Career Management” Here is the reply that I got:

"It's almost a little too late. I don't think they take too many 26 year old new enlistees."

Greenfeather totally dodged the question and even lied. He is only 25 years old, his birthday is August 23, 1979. He lied about his age to act like he was just too old by a year. I later informed him that the Army (Reserve & National Guard) recently increased the enlistment age by five years from 34 years old to 39. This young Republican still has 14 years to enlist.

Greenfeather's "patriotism" was hurt and offended. He made no more replies to my question. He created a new post totally devoted to the subject at hand entitled, “Liberal Lunacy: Shut Up, Please,” where he asked,

"… some Left-wing dope going by the name FrankieWVU (that’s me) who keeps going on about how I should join the military because I support what they do and call them heroes… Tell me, is it wrong for me to support the military with never being in it myself? I could be mistaken, but I don't think it is. I mean, I support the Texas Rangers but I've never played on the team. I'm a little confused."

Great analogy, we know are you "confused," but we asked you to enlist, not if you had already served in the military. This was yet another dodge by Republican Greenfeather. I reminded Greenfeather that he even had a link to the Army website on his blog. He later openly replied in a heroic Republican dream fantasy type post of actually serving in the military:

"Think about this scenario. I join the military. I go to Afghanistan. I capture bin Laden single handedly. I become a national hero. I'm free to spew my views all over the national airwaves. Hell, the world airwaves. Is that what you want?"

He was replied to multiple “Yes” and “enlist” answers but Greenfeather dodged it once more and his Republican military joining fantasy was never mentioned again.

Greenfeather was last listening to the song “Robbie Robertson - It Is A Good Day To Die” as reported on his blog. Maybe he was fantasizing again about joining the military and fighting for his cause, "caputre[ing] bin Laden single handedly," but in all likely seriousness, based on the evidence, probably not…

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That is one pathetic, lonely and confused fat man. Bubba Whitefeather there needs to get his wide ass into the Army or Marines, get into shape, serve his country and get laid. In that order, 'cause his "gettin' it on" won't happen any other way.

About the only thing he might be able to catch single-handedly involves a tube of hand lotion and downloaded pix of Ann Coulter.

Did I mention pathetic? If he works really, really hard for a loooonnng time, he might work his way up to pathetic. Get goin' Chrissy -- you've got a long row to hoe.
Posted by Blogger Serephin on 5:06 PM  
what a hypocrit (hippo-crit??) this kid is. he needs to join the army and burn a few off those ice cream sandwiches and fritos.
Posted by Blogger morcia on 5:23 PM  
i hate these dirty FACISTS
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:03 PM  
What a farking maroon. How can he post all them pictures and try to make a point. Worthless POS! Nice attempt to attack a character who you know nothing about, myself included.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 12:06 AM  



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