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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush Speech Predictions

Posted by Frankie at 6/28/2005 03:51:00 PM

Here are my personal Bush speech predictions… lets hope that I am wrong.

What you may see:

  • A lot of “the region” attacked us on 9/11, “the region” needs stabilized, “the region” breeds terrorists, “the region” want to attack us again
  • Iraqi’s risking their lives to vote, dying to defend their country (although they are only jobs available)
  • 200,000 Iraqi security forces are now trained and dying for their country
  • Bush will give example of US soldier who was wounded (leg blown off by IED) and wants to go back
  • Many comparisons or parallels to WWII in terms of the time, lives, money struggle etc.
  • Some crazy statistics that somehow say we are winning
  • Bush behind the troops, possibly wearing army attire himself
  • Some Jesus or God quotes
  • Theme: This battle / fight / war is the central front in “the war on terror” which started with 9/11 (from “the region”) which we must not lose and “stay the course” to promote democracy.

What you may not see:

  • No mention of permanent bases
  • A soldier speaking up, sneering snickering, booing (though that would be so awesome)
  • Truth about lack of: supplies, protective gear, armor, communication equipment
  • Bush twins enlisting
  • A call for volunteering among Americans
  • No timeline, timetable, maybe some “goals” what we “will” meet
I had some more good ones but forgotten them now, there is just so much crap for any single person to handle. Anyone have anymore they would like to add?

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