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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Definition of a Chickenhawk: Young Republicans

Posted by Frankie at 6/25/2005 04:11:00 PM

From the “We can’t make this crap up” file. Attendees of the annual Young Republican Convention show that these wimps support the war, but don’t want to fight it themselves. Here are some simply unbelievable quotes:Vivian Lee, 17, Los Angeles:

"Frankly, I want to be a politician. I'd like to survive to see that.” However, would join if there is a “dire” troop shortage or, “if there's another Sept. 11."

Somebody tell this kid that there is a “dire” troop shortage and Sept. 11 happens once every year.

Though Lee believes,

"As long as there's a steady stream of volunteers, I don't see why I necessarily should volunteer"

Chris Cusman, 21, Rocky Point, N.Y., College Republican:

"If there was a need presented, I would go." Though Chris himself “hasn't really considered volunteering.”

Chase Carpenter, 16, Santa Monica, CA, “Moderate Republican”:

"It's always in the back of my mind - to enlist" He did say he was, torn over whether he'd join the military if he were 18.”

Tiffanee Hokel, 18, Webster City, Iowa:

"I physically probably couldn't do a whole lot… I think I could do more here... We don't have to be there physically to fight it.”

Paula Villascaz, 15, Carmichael, CA.:

She doesn't support the war, but she supports the troops and thinks the United States "needs to stay the course" now that it's immersed. But would give “serious thought to volunteering” if Iraq was still an “issue” when she turns 18.

Matthew Vail, 25, Huntsville, Al, Students for Bush:

"I'm in college right now, but who knows? The bug may get me after college"


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