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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anarchists Give Young Republicans A Smackdown

Posted by Frankie at 7/21/2005 12:20:00 AM

Thanks to Gabrielle Banks of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for this excellent article. Maybe it is best that Young Republicans do not enlist to fight in Iraq (not that they would anyways), as getting pushed around by a group of anarchist is any indication, its probably best they do not join the military. The Young Republicans and College Republicans of Allegheny County thought it would be a great idea to "egg on" Howard Dean as he was the South Side section of Pittsburgh, PA. The 16 GOP activists attempted to have a contest in imitating the DNC Chairman. However, their Dean imitation party was cut short by a group of anarchist who ripped up the wimpy Young Republicans place cards. The Republicans media stunt was then over and their signs were trampled on and torn up. Pittsburgh Police Officer John Suzensky stepped in and had to tell the anarchist to "ease up." The two groups were separated on different sides of Liberty Ave by Officer Suzensky leaving Monica Douglas, the Executive Director of the Republican Committee of Allegheny Country with a crumpled "Republicans Rock" sign.

Alex Bradley of Bloomfield tried to talk some sense into Neal Andrus, of Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania, Vice Chair of Federal Affairs: 412.381.2166 or

Alex Bradley, of Bloomfield,
"I'm not trying to have a debate... They're interested in having a media stunt. I'm just interested in disrupting their media stunt."
Confused Republican Marky Billson, 34, of Hazelwood makes an ass of himself only before getting his ass kicked.

Jules Bonnot, 21, of Bloomfield,
"We would like to talk about serious issues, like war, racism, poverty, reproductive rights."
Members of a local group called Anti-Racist Action unfurled a blue tarp spray-painted with the words "We Bash Back" and argued with the roughly 16 GOP activists, taking pains to say they weren't Dean supporters.
A Duquesne University student named Dan, holding a poster that said "I [love] the GOP," stepped up to resume the contest. "Howard Dean is gay," he said, and was immediately surrounded and lectured by the anarchists.
Republicans wish to create "A Culture Of Life" so it would be against their beliefs for these wimps to even consider combat as it would likely be the death of them. One thing is for sure though, these Young and College Republicans are definitely not Operation Yellow Elephant material.

Nice manly and all so very heterosexual belt you got there Mark. What is this Republican trying to hide?

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That's not a tiger stripe design on the belt. It's Desert Brush #3 camoflauge. It comes with a matching man-thong. I own three, myself.

Thaere's nothing wrong with a man wanting to feel pretty in a manly, heterosexual kind of way.



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