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Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Republic, bigotry, hate, and racism

Posted by Frankie at 8/21/2006 12:11:00 AM

Over at DailyKos, dmsilev has a nice post quoting some of the right wing hate over at Free Republic. This same site also features totally non homoerotic daily pictures of Bush, so the freepers can prove their manliness by then browsing the Homosexual Agenda section.

Every once in a while (fairly often, actually), the collective readership of Daily Kos gets accused of being "angry", "rabid", "Anti-Semitic", etc., etc. Surely, this is a phenomenon of the viciously angry partisan left, and those gentle souls on the right would never exhibit.behavior that would merit such descriptions.

Or not.

Today's excursion into the bowels of the wingnutosphere is to one of the largest right-wing discussion boards on the net, Free Republic. The topic is the recent episode where passengers on a plane forced the removal of a couple of Muslim men before the plane took off.

Here we go.

Yea,'s about time that people stood up for their concern against those "religion of peace" members. It's their own fault...let's hope it happens more often.

If they don't like it, they should take it up with their local Imam, who is advocating terrorism.

Islam delenda est

I rather be a live racist then a dead liberal

Unpleasant enough to fly with Islamofascists, but what of those who in our dark times keep frightening beards, and yammer away in Arabic? On a plane?
It would take them under one minute to shave their bears. To act live civilized human beings should require no extra burden on their part.
Given our recent history, people everywhere should give extra attention to people who harbor an unusual attraction to goats, or clad their women in army surplus tents.

I may be an intolerant bigot, but I'm not gonna be a sacrifice to satanallah!

If I have to drive in certain areas of Baltimore, It's common sense to have my doors locked and my confederate flag furled. If I get on a plane loaded with Muslims, I don't need to to be told to stash my Star of David for the duration.
If I'm an African American and I really don't like being pulled over by the cops all the time, maybe I'll ditch the gangster clothes, subwoofer,gold teeth & chains,car, dope,weapons and expired plates. And say "Sir".
If I'm a Muslim and I insist on wearing a beard and a diaper on my head while I read the Koran out loud, perhaps I shouldn't board an EL AL jet.

Arabs should be forced to fly in bomb-proof compartments. In the company of pigs.

Some of you folks may live in areas where you work and play with muzlims...I don't...

I'm afraid if I walked onto a plane and saw someone who appeared to be muzlim, I'd get right back off...
A few weeks ago, I was at one of the local 'box' stores...This person comes walking thru the parking lot...He's talking on a cell phone and he's got what must be a bedspread wrapped around his head...Looked like a large beehive...
I said to my wife (within earshot of this guy), hey, there there's one of them rag heads...He didn't turn around and look...I was surprised... The parking lot was full of people and it seemed everone stopped, turned and stared as this guy went into the store...
You could feel and 'see' the tension...The people are cautious...

Now, it should be noted that the above post defines the limits of acceptable racism on Free Republic, in that the poster was immediately called out by a few other people. Though, most of the objections weren't along the lines of "don't stereotype Muslims" but rather "How do you know that was a Muslim; he was probably a Sikh." In any event, this post was the only one in the thread where overtly racist sentiments were criticized.
Hey man, I'm one of two Republicans in my 80 unit Condo. I have to have a no no list to prevent me from confronting my neighbors. Just the other day one told me that some iceberg melting in Antartica was a more important issue then the "Fake" war Bush started. I politly went up stairs and in the privacy of my bathroom, while I flushed the toilet, called him every name in the book.It was either that or deck him.

We have enough wimps, sissies and globalists that will allow izlam to take over America...I'm not one of 'em...If yer a muzlim and I insult you, to bad, so sad, get out of my country...

The truth is that for the last 10 years at least, ethnicity(skin color is a surrogate) and religion are the two factors that correlate most precisely with terrorism In mathematic terms, the correlation is phenomenal. It is therefore not unreasonable to equate potential terrorism with observation of those factors. You can say "racism" but cannot deny it is true. Until those facts change Arabs and Muslims will not be given the benefit of the doubt. This should be an impetus ti then to work against terrorism. Whining about Racism will not do ant good.

I think racial and religious profiling is terrible. So unjust!
But being a practical man, I will not make a complaint without offering a solution to this gross and bigoted ethnic and religious injustice.
Muslims should travel by camel. Until I say otherwise. Being a fair man, and well known for same in my community, I think this is the best solution. When the Sons of Allah design and build an airplane entirely on their own from the ground up, I will accept their individual applications for flights on our airplanes.

Finally, we come to an utterly fascinating exchange. The first post is from a woman whose husband has been "profiled" as a Muslim. The responses are ...interesting. Posts from the original poster in plain text; responses to her are in italics.

My husband Has been accused of being arabic and a muslim many times. He is PuertoRican and Catholic. If someone doesn't want to fly with him, they are free to get off the plane. They should not have the right to have him removed from the plane. I think the airlines acted innappropriately.

This is what people are supposed to do. I am sorry if your husband is harrassed, but these are the times we live in. If I were him, I would take care to dress appropriately and not act in such a way that would arouse suspicion.

He is a firefighter and only wears one thing, ever. Jeans and an EMS t shirt. He speaks Spanish, English or Portuguese. It is generally the Portugeuse that people mistake for arabic. He hasn't been removed from a flight, but he has been asked to leave stores and once he was asked not to return to a dry cleaners. He has also had many patients ask for another medic because they thought he was a Muslim. Unfortunate, but not a big deal. Removing him from a plane would be a big deal. It is sad, even more because he worked on the WTC recovery for 6 weeks, without pay, and he is as American as he could be.

Sorry your husband suffers because of the difficult times we live in. I wish we lived in less difficult times, but we don't. If we act in such a way that your husband is never offended or inconvenienced, we will leave ourselves much more vulnerable to people who want us dead.

if her husband were to buy a cowboy hat and some boots noone would ever suspect him of being a terrorist ever again.

For the most part he takes it well. It tends to get worse in the summer because he works construction on off days, and gets dark. He laughed when the dry cleaner told him that he wouldn't clean any Muslim clothes, mostly because they were my clothes not his, and because there is a dry cleaner on every corner.
His point has always been that there is a difference between being vigilant and being hysterical. Assuming every dark skinned man is a Muslim terrorist falls into the latter category. I wish I had greater confidence in passengers being able to tell the difference.

My point: Anybody who tries to claim with a straight face that the "angry left" is polarizing politics, and that "fanatical left-wing bloggers" are going beyond all bounds of propriety should be strapped down in front of a computer and forced to read Free Republic. With their eyelids strapped open and Beethoven's Ninth blaring, if necessary.

Today isn't an abnormal day for the freepers. It's like this all the time. If freeperville isn't to your taste, try Little Green Footballs, Atlas Shrugs, Jeff "Cockslapper" Goldstein, etc., etc.


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