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Monday, June 26, 2006

Limbaugh Drug hypocrisy Part Deux

Posted by Frankie at 6/26/2006 09:36:00 PM

El Rushbo is at it again, this time he is under investigation for having a prescription only drug[s] without a prescription[s]...
Sources have confirmed to CBS4 News that conservative talk show host Rush
Limbaugh has been detained at Palm Beach International Airport for the possible
possession of illegal prescription drugs Monday evening. Limbaugh was returning
on a flight from the Dominican Republic when officials found the drugs, among
them Viagra.

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You guys just can not stop yourselves, can you ? Think about why this story even made news. Then think about how it made the news ? Obviously someone leaked it. What was their motive for that ? A simple phone call to the doctor cleared the matter up. It was announced this week that no laws were broken. Was an apology aslo given ??? NO. But this does not seem to matter to the liberals. Never mind that they just invaded the mans most personal and private part of his life. They managed to embarrass him, which was the goal.

The man has a lower back problem, as do I. That tends to keep things from working the way they should. So now they have a neat little pill that you take, and wow, you are a man again !!! Has anyone considered the hurt, or psychological damage they may have inflicted ? Trust me there are/were psychological issues this man was dealing with already because he has to take a pill to in order to have sex with a woman.

I have had 3 back surgeries, the last one they put about 3 pounds of metal in my back. I know what the pain is like, I know what the other side effects are like. Wanting some of these side effects to be kept private is not too much to ask. Things like very low bladder/bowel control. Lack of sleep, and many others. But hey we live in great times !! I mean they make a pill for all of these things !! But do I want these facts blasted out over the airwaves, and on the 6 oclock news ??? NO !

I wonder if you will post on your blog the story that no charges will be filed, and no laws were broken ??? Do you have that type of integrity ?? Are you able to admit you were wrong ?
Posted by Blogger Dan on 11:37 AM  



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