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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Bill O'Reilly Right Spin Zone May 24

Posted by Frankie at 5/25/2006 12:10:00 PM

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Bill O'Reilly Right Spin Zone May 23

Posted by Frankie at 5/24/2006 06:25:00 PM

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Bill O'Reilly Right Spin Zone May 22

Posted by Frankie at 5/23/2006 01:52:00 AM

A video documentary of Republican Bill O’Reilly’s obsession with anyone who is not a right wing nut job.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Republicans Hate Organ Transplant Recipients

Posted by Frankie at 5/22/2006 12:15:00 PM

Even if you are a Republican, and have an organ transplant, the culture of life knows no ends. From DU:
Last week Bill Conrad's primary campaign for State Assembly in California took an unusual turn when he sent out a campaign mailing attacking his opponent, fellow Republican Tom Berryhill, for, er, having a heart transplant. The Hotline has the whole thing here and here, but this excerpt will give you a taste:

Can Republican candidates get any lower that this? Hey, there's still six months to go until the elections. I'm sure they'll come up with something!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Republican Science: Banana = Creation

Posted by Frankie at 5/10/2006 02:13:00 AM

First off, these two have watched to many cartoons or commercials with monkeys eating bananas because wild bananas look nothing like what that genus on the left has, or what God "created" according to these two. The banana in the supermarket (as in the video) was modified by man via artificial selection to be larger, colorful, and no seeds.

That's Kirk Cameron on the right by the way.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Glenn Beck Shows His Christian Family Values

Posted by Frankie at 5/09/2006 10:54:00 PM

"Christian" and b-list radio host Gless Beck showed his Republican family values on his new show on CNN Headline news on Monday. Here is the video:

From Crooks & Liars:

Hill: That's right...

Beck: We're newbies

Hill: It's a big night all around...

Beck: You are looking hot in leather..

Hill: Well thank you Beck, I'll be on your show every night just for that.

Beck: Oh yea, I'm wearing leather pants right now.

Hill, (garbled) Oh, that's...

Beck, Oh, no! I'm not wearing pants.

Hill: That's definitely' more information than I needed...

It gets worse after that. Hang in there Erica.

Maybe Beck, a "Mormon" was trying to attract a second wife in that sexy Republican way...

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Family Guy Young Republicans

Posted by Frankie at 5/06/2006 05:28:00 PM

Some funny clips from last weeks Family Guy where Chris is told what Republicans believe, and later finds out part of being Republican is being told what to believe.

Chris joins the Young Republicans who "help those who already have the means to help themselvs."

Chris finds what Republicans are always troubled with, having to be told what to believe.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Posted by Frankie at 5/05/2006 01:12:00 PM

Although a day early, Bush celebrates Cinco De Mayo. Bush said:
"You may have noticed this celebration is not on the Cinco de Mayo. It's on the Cuatro de Mayo. It's such an important holiday we thought we would start early."

Insert your own captions...

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Rumsfeld Questioned About Lies, Tells More Lies

Posted by Frankie at 5/05/2006 02:00:00 AM

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern asks Rumsfeld about lies into going to war with Iraq... Rumsfeld tells more lies.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Catch bin Laden, Not Mexicans

Posted by Frankie at 5/02/2006 12:23:00 AM

One of the best pictures I saw from the historic May 1st demonstrations.

Source: Reuters

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Name The Republican...

Posted by Frankie at 5/01/2006 11:40:00 PM

It's now time for our favorite game, NAME THAT REPUBLICAN!!!





A Republican with Mexican attire... on disability and cannot work, listens to talk radio all day, can pull cart around just fine. Is a, "hard worker" who loves his country more than you.


None here

Why do these white people hate America?

Super patriot Republican

What is this white guy doing with these brown people? He must hate America or "Our Culture."


Republican, sig heil!


Yes, really, this is Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

Yes, oh wait, that's just cardboard...

Republicans with scary writing font...

Now what do these pictures have in common?

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