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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Howard Dean: Bush & Miers "Hide The Salami"

Posted by Frankie at 10/06/2005 12:15:00 AM

I thought this was funny, on Hardball with Chris Mathews, DNC Chair Howard Dean commented on how he hopes that we can actually get some answers on the views of Bush's SCOTUS pick Miers.

MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?

DEAN: Well, certainly the president can claim executive privilege. But in the this case, I think with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, you can't play, you know, hide the salami, or whatever it's called. He's got to go out there and say something about this woman who's going to a 20 or 30-year appointment, a 20 or 30-year appointment to influence America. We deserve to know something about her.

Download and listen to the audio here:

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