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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Born Again Evangelical That ♥ Gays

Posted by Frankie at 10/04/2005 11:39:00 PM

As we all have probably seen, loyal sources are tying to help Bush out by attempting to ensure "the base" that Bush's SCOTUS pick Miers hates gays and is anti-choice. However, the time line just does not seem to add up that way. Way back in 1979, they are floating that Miers,
"accept Jesus Christ as her savior and be born again"
What the hell that means (born again) till this day I still do not know... Is it synonymous with the word "Evangelical?"

Anyways, this "born again Christian" then years later while running for city council in Dallas, TX, appeared as a candidate at the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus, but even though she said gays should have the same civil rights as others in society, she stopped short of endorsing a repeal of a Texas law criminalizing gay sexual activity. This is also the front page story on CNN.comSo was she unborn again or once born again, always born again, like a real birth?

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