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Monday, October 03, 2005

O'Reilly Lies About Being A Republican

Posted by Frankie at 10/03/2005 02:37:00 PM

Bill O'Reilly's self proclaimed, "No Spin Zone" was full of spinning, twirling, and falafeling on the September 28 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, The Radio Factor. O'Reilly lied and claimed that there was "Independent" box to check and that he has "no clue" how he was registered as a Republican.
But I traced it back. And then I learned about a month later that at the time I registered there was no independent registry in Nassau County, that there was no box to fill in. But I still can't tell you, honestly, what happened there. I don't know. I don't remember.
Of course we all know this already from Al Franken's book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.

Evidently, Billy O'Reilly either thinks that there is a national "Independent" party that actually runs candidates that he wanted to enroll in. Or does not understand the the meaning of independent and that it would fit in with checking the, "I do not wish to enroll in a party" option on his voters registration card application.

Download and listen to the audio of "Republican" Bill O'Reilly here:
Thanks to Media Matters for America.

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Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. I cannot stand the man. Great find!


"I wish the world was run by love, and absolutely nothing more."
Posted by Blogger Chris on 9:25 PM  
Can't believe he is still trying to come up with an excuse for that.
Posted by Blogger Lesley on 12:57 AM  



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