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Monday, July 25, 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Posted by Frankie at 7/25/2005 12:37:00 AM

Not the usual RHA material but related none the less. Here are some screen captures from the new Green Day video, Wake Me Up When September Ends. The video is about that an 18 year old boy who enlists in the military. He has a girlfriend who he tells that he would never leave her; however, ends up enlisting for both of them. It begins in a sunny field of flowers and ends a bombed out battlefield city in Iraq. Some foreshowing takes place early on as the boyfriend does not have money to pay for a meal for his girlfriend and she pays for him. Also a scene celebrating his 18th birthday. Next scene the girl finds out her boyfriend enlisted and she is emotionally upset. He argues back thinking it would make her proud. The boyfriend is scene going to boot camp and getting his long locks cut. Lastly he is in a firefight in Iraq with cut scenes of the girlfriend back home thinking and worrying. I doubt it will make much noise but you never know.

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