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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain Lies To Vet's Face, Gets Snooty

Posted by Frankie at 7/08/2008 03:21:00 PM


No wonder this guy plays craps and not poker. He has so many tells when he lies he'd be wiped out in the third hand. I have never seen someone pace so nervously who is a professional speaker. If he is this bad at bluffing on the easy stuff how is he going to keep it together when it counts?
Posted by Blogger Jenna/Garrett on 6:31 PM  
MC + POW = PTSD BUSH X 8 =4,500,000,000,000.OO DEFICIT of4,500,000,000.000.00 BUSH I + BUSH II + MCCAIN = ..............FORMULA FOR DISASTER
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 3:42 PM  



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