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Friday, April 28, 2006

O'Reilly Smears Man Who "Smeared" Him From The Grave

Posted by Frankie at 4/28/2006 01:42:00 AM

Republican Bill O'Reilly called this man who has been dead for almost four years, "unprofessional" and "incompetent."
O'Reilly is pissed at the Syracuse Post-Standard. You see, they've "smeared" him (i.e. brought up the Mackris scandal.) Said O'Reilly, "The villains at that paper are publisher Stephen Rogers and editorial writer Mark Libbon. These men are not only unprofessional, they are incompetent." He even put their pictures up on the screen during his April 24th broadcast.

O'Reilly left out one key bit of information. If you want to bitch out the man on the left, you'll have to dig him up first. He died on November 12, 2002.

We want to recognize O'Reilly and his crack staff for smearing a man who dedicated his life to his community until he passed away at the age of 90.
Source: Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly

Evidently, death means nothing to O'Reilly, as he still wants you to call the deceased Stephen Rogers. Bill posted his phone number that is patched through to the next life on his website:

Check it out for yourself here.

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