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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Katrina Radical Extreemist Nut Ball Roundup

Posted by Frankie at 9/14/2005 02:10:00 PM

Media Matters for America has a nice collection of for right radical fundamentalist views on Hurricane Karina.

The radical cleric Pat Robertson thinks that Katrina was his God "vomit[ing]" on America because of the, "wholesale slaughter of unborn children."

C-list "christian" Hal Lindsay is now assured that the rapture is really going to happen now, after many years of false rapture, and that the, "judgment of America has begun."

"Christian" Zionist Charles Colson thinks it all has to do with us fighting terrorism. He believes that his God, "allowed it and perhaps he allowed it to get our attention." His God showed us, "how easy it would be to take a city out" and in doing so, his God "gave us a preview of what America would look like if we fail to fight the war on terror."

I think it is safe to say that the radical cleric Rat Robertson has "officially" lost his mind. Now he was always a little off, but as the end of his life is approaching, he is becoming more extreme along with psychotic visions, messages, and teachings of his God.

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You can always count on Pat to say something stupid. This is the guy that gets to give the President advice, scary.
Posted by Blogger Lesley on 5:25 PM  
I know, they chat weekly.
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 5:56 PM  



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