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Monday, September 12, 2005

Freedom Walk Didn't Iraq 'N' Roll

Posted by Frankie at 9/12/2005 10:44:00 AM

The Republican "Freedom Walk" Toddle that only had 15,ooo registered participants flops big time. It's no big surprise really then, that the event was organized by the Department of Defense. The toddle was held to celebrate the birthday of 9-11 and started from the Pentagon to the National Mall where b-list country music singer Clint Black gave a performance of a lifetime to the mostly white crowd featuring his pro-war song, Iraq N Roll. The Washington Post reported that the number who actually showed up was more around is dismal 4,000 people. John from AmericaBlog was there and reports:
I've seen a lot of marches on the mall in my 20+ years in Washington, but I've never seen one where 15,000 people arrive between 11am and noon, and are all gone, and everything's cleaned up, two hours later.
Geez, my roommates and I once had more people outside our apartment at a kegger before a WVU game in undergrad (well not really but you get the point). Here are some pictures from during the event. If anyone has ever been to a reall march in Washington, as you can see from these pictures from the National Mall, this is pathetic.

Yes, even Operation Yellow Elephant was there adding to the massive 4K of people. Though they actually tried to have these toddlers "walk the walk" and really support the troops by enlisting in the military. I am sadly to report that Rev. Mykeru of OYE (has an nice video too) was unsuccessful in recruiting. Even handing out flyers to these people with directions to the closest recruiting office was like handing out anthrax.

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 11:39 AM  
I had never heard of operation yellow elephant. Why are people always trying to recruit people to do what they won't do themselves? Oh well, doesn't sound like they were having much luck.
Posted by Blogger Lesley on 6:55 PM  
Yeah, that's pretty much it. We know it will be unsuccessful that that's the point.

"The objective of OPERATION YELLOW ELEPHANT is to recruit College Republicans and Young Republicans to serve as infantry. They demanded this war and now viciously support it. It's only right that they also experience it."
Posted by Blogger Frankie on 7:06 PM  



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