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Friday, June 03, 2005

Great point Mike Malloy

Posted by Frankie at 6/03/2005 12:02:00 AM

I was listening to Mike Malloy tonight on Air America Radio, and he came up with the best idea for the Bush administration's stance on stem cell research: (paraphrasing)
Why doesn't the two Bush daughters and the two Cheney daughters donate their wombs to these embryos, you could have 80 snowflakes saved between them...
It's funny because its true.

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FYI: Use to with Mike. He is a scum bucket, who, as soon as the mic is off, rambles on about con-trails and aliens visiting this planet. He is off his rocker, completely paranoid and a waste of space.

His older children are delinquents who can not seem to graduate high school, no less college. His new wife... she was cheating on him behind his back in 2003... I guess she secretly finds him to be as neurotically annoying as the rest of us.

All of us here at the station are GLAD TO BE RID OF HIM. Did I mention, while he tries to cover it up, he has been FIRED from every station he has worked at, accused of lying, staling, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 10:41 PM  



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