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Monday, May 16, 2005

Miltary AWOL crisis, Army offers 15 month enlistment

Posted by Frankie at 5/16/2005 01:12:00 PM

It seems that the US military is facing yet another crisis, thousands of troops are refusing to return to battle and "kill anybody." So who can blame a soldier when they were told that they would be helping fight for our freedom like this:
"We were told that we would be going to Iraq to jack up some terrorists. We were told it was a new kind of war, that these were evil people and they had to be dealt with ... We were told to consider all Arabs as potential terrorists ... to foster an attitude of hatred that gets your blood boiling."
Latest reported figures show that there are over 5,000 troops missing from duty.

So now the Army has a new sell for America, a 15 month enlistment. I wonder if the stop loss is in effect for these kids? One military expert commented:
"Fifteen months, is often not enough time to learn complex tasks in a high-tech Army."
That's great, so the stop loss may not even need to be considered.

Why doesn't "Rev." Chan Chandler formerly from the East Waynesville Baptist Church get some of his young "brainwashed" congregates to sign up. I am sure they will still send their paychecks from their new employer back to Chandler, tax exempt of course.

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