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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Republicans React to Obama's Grandmothers Death

Posted by Frankie at 11/04/2008 04:38:00 AM

Hey, when your chances are in doubt pull the plug on a relative and ride the wave of pity votes all the way to the White House.

Well I thought it was going to be a close election. But when the unsure voters learn about this, there's now a reason to vote for Obama.

Get someone in Hawaii to confirm the fake birth certificate, check
Kill off granny before she spills the beans about my real birthplace, check
Make plans to wheel her typical white carcase out the day before the election, check
Go surfing.

Wow.. What horrible timing. If there is a god, he's an *****...

I hope this means her vote will be invalidated

sympathy vote.. dont fall for it

One less vote for the o-train doesn't matter. RIP G-ma

I'm betting she died last week, and in typical politician form, they withheld it until today.


He killed his grandmother on the election eve just to get few more votes and sympathy...what a socialist lunatic.

What a convenient time to die. It's probably retribution for all the lies he has been telling.

This proves Obama was only in Hawaii to fake his birth certificate, see Drudge Report !!!!

Man those liberals will stoop to killing his Mom to cover Obama's crimes ....................

Is it just me, or are a lot of mulatto children raised by their white grandparents? It's not uncommon to see a little brown child accompanied by an old white couple at the store. It's expected the black father will desert the white mother, but where's the white mother?

gee i thought the messiah would be able to resurrect her.

jees... barry will do anything for a vote...

Wonder if she is with Alla?

They assassinated the wrong one!
I always make light of death, it's my nature to cope. Hell, when I die, I want everyone to have a grand orgy on the premise. . (the only way I'll EVER be close to an actual one)

Could be Obamas' first public resurrection?

Too soon?

Preemptive Karma

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Who said these things?? Can you print the names or did you just see these comments left somewhere on the web by anonymous posters?
Posted by Blogger Dan on 12:38 AM  
This is a bunch of made up bs. No names after the quotes means no one said them.

Oh and last time I checked rebuplicans have the best interest of America unlike the democrats. Too many lies and too much immaturity on the far left. Just look how they act in congress.

Allow me to suggest some real websites with actual facts:, and go learn something....
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on 6:30 AM  



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